2013 Oct 31

“Serena” To Debut in April 2014

Screendaily is reporting that “Serena” will debut in April 2014.

Susanne Bier, whose US drama Serena will debut in April 2014, will return to Denmark for her next film, A Second Chance (En chance til).

Bier’s has most recently worked on Serena – which she took over from US director Darren Aronofsky – and is her second American movie after Things We Lost in the Fire with Halle Berry in 2007.

Adapted from US author Ron Rash’s novel, it follows Serena (Jennifer Lawrence) and her new husband (Bradley Cooper), who in the depression-hit late-1920s travel from Boston to the North Carolina mountains to create a timper empire.

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  1. I certainly hope to see the release of “Serena” soon. I’ve been waiting since the first announcement of the movie adaptation of Ron Rash’s epic novel. What’s the hold up?

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