2013 Nov 27

New York Times’ Making A Scene

Bradley is featured in The New York Times Magazine’s ‘Making A Movie’ series. Cinematographer directed the 11 best big-screen performers (according to the magazine) in 11 original (very) short films. You can watch Bradley short film below and be sure to check out the other on the magazine’s official website. The making of can be watched inside/after the jump. We added the screen captures and production still in our gallery.

Like a character who develops a discreet but noticeable cough at the end of the first act, the movies have been dying for a long time. The latest chapter in their decline — which began, depending on who is telling the story, with the introduction of sound, the rise of television, the fall of the old studios, the spread of home video or the arrival of the Internet — was written earlier this year.
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A behind-the-scenes look at the year’s best performers starring in 11 original (very) short films directed by Oscar-winning cinematographer Janusz Kaminski.