2013 Dec 05

First “American Hustle” Reviews

The first “American Hustle” reviews are in and the movie is getting critical acclaim so far. You can find a round-up of the review below/inside. The movie currently holds a 100% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes (with 14 reviews).

A brilliant cast shines in David O. Russell’s deliriously funny account of the notorious Abscam case […] Cooper (whom Russell can’t resist showing with his hair full of pink curlers) gives a bristling, energetic turn that makes clear Richie’s own love for the swindle.
Justin Chang, Variety

He [David O. Russell] continues on that roll of refreshing character-driven storytelling with the outrageously entertaining American Hustle, a twisty con-job chronicle that combines heightened dramatic stakes with playful humor, subversive sexiness and fabulous 1970s style. Fueled by invigorating performances from a zesty ensemble often cast against type, this looks like a winner for Sony […] Sporting a ridiculous home perm and a Tony Manero wardrobe, Cooper has never been funnier or more manic.
David Rooney, THR

Russell never plays the Carter-era excess for laughs, but he and his crew get the 1970s look just right, summoning yellows and browns and greens that haven’t been seen on film since “Good Times” went off the air. And fitting perfectly among the flocked wallpaper and turntables is his extraordinary ensemble cast […] And it’s not just the reuniting stars of “The Fighter” that excel here; so do “Silver Linings” vets Cooper and Lawrence, playing outsized eccentrics that could have been two-dimensional twits in lesser hands.
Alonso Duralde, The Wrap

4/5 Stars
The performances are far from subtle, yet they have an eye-popping, beads-of-sweat commitment: Lawrence, Cooper and Adams are all great, and Christian Bale comes up with a new glowering impersonation of middle-aged disillusionment and vulnerability.
Peter Bradshaw, Guardian

It’s interesting that coming off of “Silver Linings Playbook,” Russell cast both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the film, but without either of them being cast as a lead. Cooper seems positively giddy about playing Richie DiMaso, and he’s one of those guys who has dreams of grandeur. He’s sure that he just needs the one opportunity to prove himself, and when he gets the slightest smell of something that might be used to climb the ladder of success, he goes nuts. He goes after it with everything he’s got, and he loses himself in it all.
Drew McWeeny, HitFlix

I really disliked the second half of ‘Silver Linings Playbook.’ I thought the dance contest and the escalating bets were idiotic and spoiled all the good will earned in the first half of the film. ‘American Hustle’ is a hundred times more fun to watch. ‘American Hustle’ has flash and quotable lines and a lot of zip, and it even has intellectually stimulating themes, but there’s a bit of a scam it’s trying to pull that prevents it from being a truly great film.
Jordan Hoffman, ScreenCrush

As DiMaso, Cooper offers up a more enterprising riff on the irascible head case he played in Russell’s “Silver Linings Playbook,” with bigger plans but the same wild impulsiveness
Jordan Hoffman, Indiewire

3/4 Stars
Coming off two instances of overwrought, artfully gritty Oscar bait, Russell responds with a similarly conceived spectacle that actually works, mostly because it plays its material toward farce rather than tragedy or uplift.
Jesse Cataldo, Slant Magazine

3/4 Stars
And Lawrence’s Silver Livings Playbook co-star Cooper strikes the right balance between ridiculous and grounded as a fashion-conscious FBI agent who sees this sting operation as not just a fast-track for his career but also a way to land the gorgeous Sydney.
Tim Grierson, Screen Daily