2014 Jan 16

Bradley’s Oscar Nomination Reaction!

THR has compiled reactions of the Oscar 2014 nominees and they just added Bradley’s reaction to his nomination:

Bradley Cooper, best supporting actor nominee for American Hustle: “This is so special and surreal and I’m truly honored. The nominations by the Academy for my fellow cast members, David and the film are a true tribute to David O. Russell, our mentor. I feel very lucky and humbled today.”

You can find director David O. Russell, co-star Amy Adams and producers inside this post.

David O. Russell, best director nominee for American Hustle: “I’m fighting a little cold here but this will certainly go a long way to boost my immune system,” says the helmer, who added that he’s especially happy that all four of his actors received nominations. “To have these actors really put their hearts in it all together, to have them each get a nod is a big deal for us because we created a family together,” he says. Russell, who will head to the Critics’ Choice Awards tonight, tells THR that he has made it a practice to call everyone from his film the night before a big awards nomination morning. “I reach out to everybody to say, ‘I’m grateful no matter what happens. I thank you for everything you’ve done.’ And then I can go to sleep because I feel like the right thing.” He adds that he considers Hustle the third film in a trilogy with The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook and that his next film will start something new: “It will be related to this world of people and their hearts and their survival, but it’s going to begin a new chapter.”

Amy Adams, best actress nominee for American Hustle: “It’s a very good thing to wake up to; we were all asleep! Am I still recovering from last weekend? Not really. I’m never really out late anymore at this stage in my life. Making Hustle was very challenging, so it’s really nice that people not only recognized the film but all the actors as well. And I’m so proud to have been in Her too, which has been recognized with a best picture nomination. As for celebrating today, maybe we should go out for a family hike? Then again, everyone looks pretty tired around here right now!”

John Gordon, producer of best picture nominee American Hustle. “This is my third movie with David O. Russell after Silver Linings Playbook and Flirting With Disaster,” says Gordon, who immediately began texting with Russell after the nominations were announced. One of his read: “Gratitude. To you. For this whole experience.”

Charles Roven and Richard Suckle, producers of best picture nominee American Hustle: “It’s an amazing feeling when your peers recognize your work. I feel blessed and humbled,” says Roven, who is no stranger to American Hustle star Christian Bale, having produced Christopher Nolan’s Batman pics. Suckle was more light-hearted, saying, “It’s a great way to start off your morning.” Roven learned the news while in Pontiac, Michigan, where he is in preproduction on Batman vs. Superman.