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2015 Mar 31

“Serena” Screening Additions

We have added some great high quality additions of Bradley during the “Serena” in New York City.

2015 Mar 22

“Serena” New York Screening

Bradley and co-star Jennifer Lawrence attended a special screening of “Serena” yesterday in New York City. The premiere was hosted by distributor Magnolia Pictures and Dior. Over 100 high quality images have been added in our gallery.

2014 Nov 05

(Scans) Empire Magazine

The latest issue of Empire Magazine (currently on stands, featuring The Hunger Games on cover) has a one-page featuring and reviewing Serena, and you can find now digital scans in our gallery.

As a constant in all reviews about the film, they’re highlighting Bradley’s performance:

Cooper achieves the near-impossible, making an entitled, macho man – who intends to hunt down the last of the panthers in the Carolinas – a resilient, striving figure rather to be admired and a sympathetic, classically flawled, tragic hero type.

2014 Oct 03

“Serena” Additional Stills, Poster & Movie Clip

We have added additional production stills and posters of “Serena” in our gallery. The first movie clip was also released which can be found after the jump. We also added the high definition screen captures of the trailer in our gallery. You can find the trailer in our previous post.

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2014 Oct 02

“Serena” Find Distributor

“Serena” Find Distributor

The long awaited “Serena” found a distributor in the US and it has been announced that the movie will be released on VOD on February 26, 2015 followed by a theatrical release on March 27, 2015. IndieWire spoke to Magnolia Pictures’ Eamonn Bowles and director Susanne Bier about why the movie got delayed.

Back in 2012, before Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence co-starred in David O. Russell’s Oscar-winning “Silver Linings Playbook” and its follow-up “American Hustle,” the duo shot period drama “Serena,” which was once going to star Angelina Jolie with director Darren Aronofsky.

Oscar-winning Danish auteur Susanne Bier (“A Better World”) took the helm for producers Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s 2929 Productions, and has been delayed trying to finish it. Based on Ron Rash’s 2008 novel, the film is set in 1929 North Carolina and follows George and Serena Pemberton, ambitious newlyweds with their hearts set on a timber empire. They become obsessed with success, and their lives take a Shakespearean turn when Serena finds that she can’t get pregnant and tries to harm her husband’s illegitimate son.

Why the delays? “Once it finished shooting we’ve all been busy,” Bier told me in Toronto, which invited “Serena,” but the stars weren’t available. “I’ve been doing another film [TIFF world premiere ‘Second Chance”]. Cooper and Lawrence were super-busy, just doing the [post-production sound recording] has been tricky. She had only one day off in two years!”

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