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2014 Dec 07

Bradley Covers Vanity Fair (January 2015)

Bradley is featured on Vanity Fair’s January 2015 cover to promote “American Sniper” and “The Elephant Man“. We have added the digital magazine scans in our gallery. The will hit newsstands nationwide on December 9 and is already available digitally so be sure to pick up your own copy!

Bradley Cooper tells Vanity Fair contributing editor Buzz Bissinger that his past struggles—including addiction, the wrenching loss of his father, and the restlessness of a career that went so long unfulfilled—have helped him prepare for his most challenging role yet, as Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle in Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper. “Losing someone close to me. Going through love and loss . . . knowing what’s important,” Cooper tells Bissinger. “Realizing that the bottom line is that all I got is me, so it’s about time to stop trying to be something that I think you would want me to be. Or that would give me what I think I need. As you get older, thank God, your body deteriorates, but your soul sort of flourishes.”
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2014 Jul 19

Upcoming Talk Show Appearances

The promotion for “Guardians Of The Galaxy” will begin next week. So far it has been announced that Bradley will make an appearance on two talk shows. You can find the dates below but be sure to check your local listings for the time.

Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC
Mo 7/21: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, CBS
Fr 7/25: Bradley Cooper

2014 Feb 11

Upcoming Talk Show Appearances

The Interbridge is reporting that Bradley will be one The Ellen Degeneres Show and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon next week. Be sure to check your local listing for the time and come back for our coverage!

The Ellen Degeneres Show
Mo 2/17: Bradley Cooper

The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, NBC
We 2/19: Bradley Cooper, Tim McGraw

2013 Dec 17

Bradley covers GQ (January 2014)

Bradley is on the cover of GQ’s January 2014 issue (US). We added the cover and photoshoot in our gallery. We will try to add all the scans as soon as possible. You can read the interview below/inside.

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Oahu, Hawaii: Speeding down the side of a volcano in a rental-car-colored Chevy Cruze, Honolulu spreading out like a sun-glazed mirage beneath us. Bradley Cooper is eating a salad and driving at the same time. A little white dog noses out into the road in front of us, then retreats. “Can you imagine if we just ran over that dog?” Cooper says, eyes bright and blue, like they’ve been plugged into an invisible outlet. He’s wearing a white Philadelphia Eagles baseball cap, navy blue shorts, flip-flops. In the Cruze with him, you feel the amiable presence of all the on-screen characters he’s played—Phil from The Hangover, say—who might good-naturedly joke about ending a small dog’s life. Who’d probably break down in real, unfeigned tears if it actually happened. Anyway, he swerves in plenty of time. Then sets aside his salad.
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2013 Jul 28

‘Hangover’ Stars cover THR

Bradley, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and director Todd Phillips all graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter’s May 2013 issue to promote the final installment of the “Hangover” franchise. The magazine scans, photoshoot and transcript of the interview are all added to our site.

With the third installment out May 24, director Todd Phillips, Bradley Cooper and the execs behind the biggest R-rated comedy franchise in history tell all about Lindsay Lohan’s meeting, Mel Gibson’s ill-fated cameo and how they tricked the baby’s mom. Plus: Who made $70 million?
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