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03.2013 Vanity Fair » Fire Up the Weber!
04.2013 GQ Magazine UK » Bradley Cooper drowns kittens (not really, but surely nobody’s this perfect?)
04.2013 Collider » Bradley Cooper Talks The Hangover Part III
05.2013 Screen Crush » Hangover 3 Interview: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms Talk Finishing the Trilogy
05.2013 The Source » Exclusive Interview With ‘Hangover 3? Stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms & Zach Galifanakis
05.2013 NPR » Bradley Cooper Finds ‘Silver Linings’ Everywhere
05.2013 Mirror » Bradley Cooper interview on the Hangover Part III, working with Spielberg and being voted Sexiest Man Alive
05.2013 Pajiba » A Painfully Awkward Interview Where I Attempt to Get Bradley Cooper to Admit The Hangover Part III Is a Bad Film
05.2013 Belfast Telgraph » Cooper’s life changing Hangover
05.2013 USA Today » ‘Hangover’ stars blend together like a fine cocktail
05.2013 THR » The Uncensored Oral History of The Hangover
05.2013 Details » Bradley Cooper Sounds Off: The Details Interview


09.2012 Los Angeles Times » Bradley Cooper helps his friends get ‘The Words’ out
09.2012 THR » The Serious Evolution of a Leading Man
11.2012 Washington Post » Bradley Cooper: On ‘Silver Linings Playbook,’ football and reading falsehoods about his love life
11.2012 Big Issue » Silver Linings Playbook star Bradley Cooper: I had to try it
11.2012 The Telegraph » Post-Hangover bliss: Bradley Cooper interview
11.2012 ESPN » Bradley Cooper talks Philly fans and Eagles
11.2012 Backstage » Bradley Cooper Steps Outside the Box in ‘Silver Linings Playbook’
11.2012 Esquire » Man at his Best
12.2012 The Wrap » ‘Silver Lining Playbook’s’ Bradley Cooper Goes Mental
12.2012 Los Angeles Times » A rooftop jump-off point for ‘Silver Linings Playbook’


03.2011 Moviefone » Bradley Cooper Interview for ‘The Hangover’
03.2011 Cinemablend » Limitless’ Bradley Cooper
03.2011 The Daily Beast » Bradley Cooper’s Dirty Secret
03.2011 Metro UK » Bradley Cooper: I don’t go through life being plagued by being handsome
03.2011 Vanity Fair » Q&A: Bradley Cooper Buckles Up
03.2011 Marie Claire » Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish Talk about Love
03.2011 New York Times » Don’t Take This Hunk at Face Value
05.2011 Shave Magazine » Interview: Bradley Cooper
05.2011 GQ Australia » Gentlemen’s Quarterly
06.2011 Esquire » Dinner with Bradley
07.2011 Den of Geek » Bradley Cooper interview: Limitless, Paradise Lost, The Crow, The Hangover 3 and John Cleese in his pants
07.2011 Los Angeles Times » Comic-Con 2011: Bradley Cooper is the devil
08.2011 Details » French-fluent Bradley Cooper’s Muse? Jason Bateman


01.2010 The Independent » Bradley Cooper: ‘There’s been plenty of rejection’
06.2010 Details » Bradley Cooper: The All-Star
10.2010 USA Today » ‘A-Team’ stars dial down the camp for film remake


02.2009 Cosmopolitan » Fun Fearless Males 2009: Bradley Cooper
02.2009 Redbook Magazine » Bradley Cooper Is That Into You
03.2009 LA Confidential » Bradley Cooper on Fashion
05.2009 Details » Bradley Cooper is high on The Hangover
12.2009 GQ Magazine » Funny Men: The ‘Hangover’ Guys

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