Bradley Cooper on Fashion

LA Confidential
Published: March 1, 2009

It takes talent to master the nuances of playing the ultimate onscreen asshole. Especially when you’re as nice a guy as actor Bradley Cooper, who made a name for himself in TV’s Alias, starring Jennifer Garner, then dropped the good-guy act and paraded in all his cocky glory as Sack Lodge in 2005’s Wedding Crashers.

“When I was in Alias, I played a character who was the nicest guy, and people assumed that I was exactly like him—that I was such a nice guy I couldn’t play an asshole. But then [Wedding Crashers director] David Dobkin gave me a shot at the role of Sack Lodge, and all of a sudden everything switched. Everyone thought, Wow he plays a great asshole!” With his recent success as Jim Carrey’s best friend in Yes Man and a variety of projects on the horizon (including the rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You and the New York-based anthology film New York, I Love You), Cooper has been keeping busy—and making sure audiences don’t write him off as a creep. “In He’s Just Not That Into You I play an adulterer who could have been just another asshole character, but I didn’t want people to feel that way. He’s human and so interesting to play because there’s so much going on with him. My goal was to portray him as a flawed guy, not just another jerk.”

When asked about his time on the set of this month’s fashion feature, Cooper admits he was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. “I’ve only done a few fashion features, I’d really sworn them off,” he says, “but I had a great time doing this. It might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been in this routine lately of waking up at, like, 5:30 to run and bike to the point of exhaustion…. I’m buzzing from the exhaustion. I tried to be as loose as possible and just have fun. Physical exhaustion in the morning can lead to Zen in the afternoon.” And, it’s safe to say, Zen looks good on Bradley Cooper.

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