Bradley Cooper: I don’t go through life being plagued by being handsome

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Published: March 16, 2011

The Hangover star Bradley Cooper says that despite rumours sayng he was romantically linked to A-list stars like Jennifer Aniston and Renée Zellweger, you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

‘I’m going to turn the heat up a bit,’ says Bradley Cooper, flashing me his dazzling white grin as he slinks over to his hotel suite’s air-con panel.

It’s a line worthy of Lt ‘Face’ Peck, The A-Team’s iconic ladies’ man Cooper was perfectly cast as in the 2010 blockbuster reboot.

No wonder the real-life Cooper, himself no slouch in the face department, has been romantically linked to plenty of A-list female stars, from Jennifer Aniston to Renée Zellweger.

‘Never the truth,’ he protests, smiling widely.

‘If you’re seen walking in the same block as a famous actress and you’re a single actor, or not even – if someone at a magazine just dreams it up, they’ll write it.’

Refreshingly, Cooper is unfazed by it. ‘The only thing that’s ever really bothered me – it’s so stupid but it really upset me – was when they said I took my dogs to a spa in the same week that one of my dogs died,’ he says.

‘That really p***ed me off.’

In any case, the rumours have clearly not harmed his career.

Much to his parents’ relief, Cooper, whose extensive TV credits include Alias, Nip/Tuck and Sex And The City, has constantly been in work ever since he took out a $70,000 (£44,000) loan to pay for acting school.

‘They were a bit trepidatious at the concept of me, their son, trying to pursue such a potentially treacherous profession,’ muses the 36-year-old in a manner that brings to mind the episode of Friends where Joey gets word-of-the-day toilet paper.

Perhaps the multisyllabic, ‘look, I’m brainy’ lingo is compensation for the fact Cooper is constantly cast as the fit guy, be it as Face in The A-Team, a talent show organiser in a movie called Wet Hot American Summer (his big-screen debut) or the blond one in The Hangover (the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time).

‘Fit in The Hangover? Not really,’ he demurs.

Maybe it’s just that you’re the fittest guy in The Hangover, I suggest.

‘Maybe, maybe,’ he concedes.

But hasn’t he found being handsome a handicap?

‘You know, I only ever feel that idea when I’m asked questions like that during junkets like this,’ he says, making me feel a bit mean and itching to soothe his troubled stubble.

‘I certainly don’t go through life being plagued by being handsome.’

He giggles, surprisingly girlishly.

‘In fact, quite the opposite. I’ve heard many times “he’s not sexy” or even “f***able”.’

Whatever his take on it, Cooper’s big chance to prove he’s more than just a pretty face comes with his new film, Limitless, a wonderfully keep-you-guessing high-concept action thriller that casts him as a loser with writer’s block who is suddenly offered an illegal drug that allows him to tap into his brain’s limitless potential.

It co-stars Robert De Niro , who once spoke at Cooper’s acting school.

‘I asked him this really obscure question about Awakenings and he said: “Hey, that’s a good question,”’ says Cooper.

‘I was so flushed with heat, it was as if a beam of light shot through my stomach. It fuelled me for years. Honestly, in times of utter rejection I thought: “Well, Robert De Niro thought that I asked a good question.”’

Now here he is a leading man, with billing above his hero.

Surely Hollywood is his oyster?

‘Not really,’ he says with genuine self-deprecation.

‘The truth is, it all depends on how Limitless does. If it does well, then it will definitely make it a bit easier. If not, that might be it.’

Surely not, I murmur, thinking that with looks like his he can always do shaving commercials.

In the meantime, a rumoured $5million (£3million) pay cheque for The Hangover 2 should keep Cooper in LA beach houses.

‘It takes place in Bangkok,’ he reveals, ‘which is basically Vegas on steroids. Stu’s getting married in Thailand, there’s a ticking clock, there’s a lost night, Mike Tyson is back – and there’s a monkey.’

With a winning formula like that, here’s betting this isn’t the last we’ll see of Mr Cooper.

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